Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin isn’t great coach: fair or foul? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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11 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin isn’t great coach: fair or foul? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Ralph Miller III

    Last year, the Steelers were 10-6, despite, Ben missing 5 starts, Bell missing 10 games, Martavis Bryant missing 5 games, Brown getting knocked out before the playoffs, and Marquise Pouncey missing almost the whole season. Quickest coach in Steeler history to 100 wins and no losing seasons. Bradshaw needs to sit down somewhere and shave the sides of his head.

  2. Jhmel

    Lombardi is an idiot. Bradshaw called Mccarthy great so we're gonna compare Tomlin to that level of greatness and it looks like Tomlin has the better resume with the worse qb. end of story. also, stop staying on the point of great or not great but the fact that he called him a cheerleader pretending to be a coach which is outright disrespectful. if that's the case, Pete Carroll should be called a cheerleader too but wait, he's white….

  3. John Manning

    I find it odd that they mention Tomlin inherited Big Ben. .. didn't Sean Peyton inherit Drew Brees … didn't McCarthy inherit Rodgers… didn't Bellichek CHEAT … like this is honestly moronic to even debate. Tomlin drafted La'Mar Woodly … who was an major force on the 2009 Superbowl team. Tomlin cut Porter and inserted Harrison into the starting lineup. Its just strange to me that folks say he inherited a team. ALL COACHES inherit teams.. i wonder why all these qualifying statements need to be make when talking about Tomlin. Its strange and I been watching football for 40 years. He is an ELITE coach.. on a ELITE Franchise period.

  4. rlouis215

    So he is not out of line the people who are criticizing him for saying it isn't totally out of line? Wait what? So you on both sides? No it was out of line he is a great coach the players love him and that's how it is

  5. dj69918

    Mike Tomlin isn't a good coach because he's not as good as the best coach ever? Mike Tomlin is objectively better than 80% of the coaches in the NFL and suggesting otherwise is an exercise in ignorance. Been to 2 bowls, never had a losing season and just clinched the AFC North. Pete Carroll's tenure in Seattle is nearly identical to Tomlin's in Pittsburgh and Carroll is a guy who actually jumps around and screams during the games, sort of like a cheerleader…

  6. Curly Morris

    Is Tomlin a GREAT coach? No. There is only ONE great coach in the NFL and he coaches the Patriots. Is he simply a 'cheerleader guy'? That's absurd and disrespectful. There are only 32 guys on the planet doing that job and of those 32 only 20% have won titles, Tomlin is in that minority. Only 3 have been to multiple title games as a head coach, Tomlin is in that minority as well. If being a cheerleader guy was enough, Rex Ryan would still have a job.

  7. eric olsen

    Bradshaw was right. He said what the NFL does not like to admit. Just like NFL pretty boy Andrew Luck who is an NFL bust but no one wants to admit it

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